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Sunday 25 November 2012

Schhh... We Are Looting!

Final year viva voce! After what seemed ages, I was called in. 'What is a Switched Reluctance Motor?' the examiner asked. Having never heard of such a thing, I grunted: 'Would a Squirrel Cage Induction Motor do?' His face turned red, not because 'squirrel' happened to be his nickname, but because I had the temerity to utter it in his presence!

Watch the panel discussions on TV news channels. Most of the participants are like me; some are an enigma even to me! Ask an uncomfortable question. They would first feign ignorance. Rephrase the question, and explanations would follow without rationale or logic. Probe, and they would cry hoarse at having been misquoted or quoted 'out of context'. There are times when they turn magnanimous 'willing to cooperate with any investigating agency' as if their allegiance and faith in the constitution are beyond reproach! Elsewhere, when cornered, they would lash out with veiled and sometimes open threats!

There is a pattern to this behaviour. Deflect attention from misdeeds! Spin a web of baloney and legalese. Confuse the 'mango people'. Do anything to stay on, for time is short and the opportunities lucrative!

We know it, yet remain indifferent. Are we tired of counting the millions and billions being looted? Or have we become dysfunctional and flaccid?
“We hang the petty thieves
 and appoint the great ones to public office.” 
 ~  Aesop