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Monday 16 December 2013

Alone In A Crowd

Why are some people arrogant?  What do they gain by being arrogant?  How does it affect others?

All of us encounter arrogance in one form or another almost every day.  Generally we ignore it, although at times we feel insulted and hurt.  Yet we try not to react, because we know engaging the arrogant is like wrestling a pig in the mud. While we get dirty, the pig makes merry enjoying our discomfort!

A recent survey listed four possible reasons behind arrogance, and asked respondents to select one, which they thought was the most likely cause. The options were:
  • Exaggerated sense of self-importance 
  • Attempt to hide own fears and weaknesses
  • Disregard towards others and their feelings
  • Power, success, wealth, greed, and envy
One in every three respondents chose the last option.  True to the vulgar display of power and wealth, driven by greed and envy, and punctuated with contemptuous behaviour that prevails today!

Avoiding the arrogant may be easy, but helping them shed that repulsive behaviour is challenging. The most difficult part is to make them realise that arrogance is an attitudinal problem, and that its solution is very much in their own hands.  Once this is done, anyone arrogant but with an honest and keen desire to reform, must follow these steps:
  1. Know that every individual is different, with own ways and thoughts. 
  2. Stop being judgemental.  You are only as perfect as the other.
  3. Give space and respect to others and their points of views.
  4. Listen when someone speaks without interrupting him.
  5. Avoid bragging about oneself and own achievements.
  6. Bottle up expectations to be treated like a VIP.
What is your experience?  Do you shy away from arrogant people or take them head on?  Have you ever tried to help them reform?

   'You attract people by the qualities you show. 
You keep them by the qualities you own.'