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Thursday 5 June 2014

Politics Of Pretensions

It started out as a passion. Spurred on by the awe-inspiring sacrifices of a few, it became an obsession to many.  Those flocking to make capital out of its success, turned it into a matter of fashion. Today, the movement is lost in a quagmire of pretensions.

Guess who I am talking about!

'Pretension of governance' claimed another casualty in the recent election. To all and sundry, the reasons were amply clear! Yet, its leaders continue to wag their tongues like magic wands, as if to wish away the dread and disappointment.

Do they expect the setback to be a set-up for a comeback?


The prime time screens of some of our TV news channels resemble stamp albums. Shuffling the obtrusive panellists around is an anchor in one channel who keeps putting his foot in every mouth including his own! Recently, citing the lowest and highest ages of the ministry as 38 and 74, he stated: The average age of the cabinet in that case, must lie somewhere between!

I never knew it. Did you?

   'The only good in pretending is the fun 
we get out of fooling ourselves that we fool somebody.'
Booth Tarkington