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Thursday 21 March 2013

Bitti Bunty Bang Bang!

Pseudo-intellectuals seldom worry, because they have nothing to lose! My boss was one such person. Once, looking frighteningly grim, he threw a question at me: 'Look at Marwaris, Gujaratis, Punjabis, Bengalis..., and their contributions in building India. What have you people given?' Before I could respond, he was on the telephone pretending to be talking to our Chairman!

Continuing this game of pseudo-intelligence, he would often call me 'Madrasi'. Once when I tried to explain, he said: 'You people are all of the same ilk. You wear lungis, use coconut oil, and speak an andu gundu lingo.' I wonder how he would have reacted, as that 'unseen' land is beginning to emerge.  Does it make me proud? No. And I have a reason to say so.

'Big Boss' fame Devinder Singh maybe familiar to TV viewers, but his alleged role in real life as 'Bunty chor' may not be. A police suspect in numerous cases of theft and conning, Bunty reached Kerala to break into a house! Picking up some valuables, he drove away in the house owner's luxury car, not knowing that a hidden camera was capturing his escapade!

Bitti Mohanty convicted for raping a German tourist jumped parole. On the run, he reached Kerala where he was reportedly living incognito for three years. The son of a retired DGP in Orissa, Bitti managed to earn MBA degree and even land a job in a public sector Bank.

Had my boss been around, he would have quoted with glee, a joke that Desmond Tutu, South African Anglican Archbishop and opponent of apartheid narrated:
"When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land.  They said, 
'Let us pray.'  We closed our eyes. When we opened, we had the Bible and they had the land."
- Desmond Tutu: A Biography by Steven Gish