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Monday 29 August 2011

A Corrupt Theory

               Corruption is undoubtedly an avoidable act. It happens when two or more people or groups collude to realise an illegitimate favour, not available to them in the natural course. That the act deprives the 'partners in crime' of all claims to moral and ethical behaviour is seldom a deterrent. 
               One way to understand the nexus between conspiracy and corruption is to take a searching look at your kitchen basket. The white and spotless manifestation of a deliberate conspiracy lies there! Ludicrous, you may feel. Yet it is a considerable analogy! 
               The key conspirator is the rooster, gung-ho for a while with a seductively corrupt theory in his head! The hen, which ambles in is the co-conspirator. Their collusion leads to a watertight conspiracy! 
               You may conspire to break it, boil it, or even hatch it! 
               That, you could be the unexpected victim of a rotten egg is altogether a different controversy!

"Beware of those in power who do nothing without money,
and those who do 'everything' with money!"
- Indira Gandhi

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Innocent until proven guilty!

The Association for Democratic Reforms reports that 161 members in the present Parliament have as many as 512 cases pending against them. Of these, 272 involve such crimes as conspiracy, intimidation, trespass, kidnapping, rioting, assault and murder. Thanks to the provision in the election law that allows people charged but not convicted of serious crimes to contest polls as well as hold high office, pending their appeals against the conviction.

Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat..., the legal term in Latin meant that the burden of proof rested on who alleged, not on who denied. When Sir William Garrow summed it up as 'Innocent until proven guilty' way back in 1791, he obviously did not foresee the extent to which it would be exploited by the modern day criminals. This presumption of innocence that anyone charged with a punishable offence had the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, became a cardinal legal principle in many countries including India.

To the criminals, this 'benefit of doubt' soon became a 'benefit of loopholes'. Money and muscle, together with ingenious legal interpretations helped them 'loot the magnanimity' of this legal premise. The slow process of law and the permissibility available to the accused to go on appeal in a higher court, further overburdened the judicial system.

Over forty lakh cases are said to be pending in India's courts of law. At the current rate of dispensation, it is estimated that the Indian judiciary would take more than 300 years to clear the backlog.
 "When we take law into our hands, the loser is the law.
And when the law loses, freedom languishes."

- Robert F Kennedy

Monday 1 August 2011

Leap, Laugh, Levitate...

Would you like to fly?  No, not by aeroplane or hot air balloon, but fly like a butterfly, a bird... 

Imagine flying over irritating potholes and traffic jams!  Packed suburban trains and stations!  Away from all the stress and suffering! And the never ending shams and scams!  

But, if you ask me 'Is it possible?', I would hesitate to respond.  Because, while no mortal can ever hope to fly, I guess the spiritually endowed could. 

The phenomenon of levitation was known for centuries.  Maharshi Mahesh Yogi called it 'Yogic Flying'.  The exponent of Transcendental Meditation explained the physics behind it thus:  'By concentration through meditation, you can create an impenetrable field of energy between the ground and your body. The greater the field of energy, the higher you will rise.'

Indian sages, Siddha Yogis in particular, could levitate.  They were believed to have acquired this supernatural ability through intense yogic rituals. 

But without basic knowledge or practice of this science, some modern day godmen are trying to trick us into endorsing their comic imitation of this ancient science.  Their gullible followers keep looking in awe, and try to ape blindly.  But not one among them dares to ask the sponsor clad in saffron, to demonstrate the trick. 

Recently, I happened to see a hilarious spectacle on TV.  Scores of people at a congregation were trying to levitate.  The guru was egging them on.  However, no one, despite clumsy efforts, could defy Newton's theory of gravitation Click here to watch it (6.41 minutes). 

If, after watching this video, you are inclined to imitate, here is yet another clip Click here  (1.15 minutes).   This one will not lure you to 'take off', but will surely make you laugh your head off!
"An optimist invented the aeroplane. 
A pessimist followed it up with the parachute!"
- G B Stern