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Monday 29 August 2011

A Corrupt Theory

               Corruption is undoubtedly an avoidable act. It happens when two or more people or groups collude to realise an illegitimate favour, not available to them in the natural course. That the act deprives the 'partners in crime' of all claims to moral and ethical behaviour is seldom a deterrent. 
               One way to understand the nexus between conspiracy and corruption is to take a searching look at your kitchen basket. The white and spotless manifestation of a deliberate conspiracy lies there! Ludicrous, you may feel. Yet it is a considerable analogy! 
               The key conspirator is the rooster, gung-ho for a while with a seductively corrupt theory in his head! The hen, which ambles in is the co-conspirator. Their collusion leads to a watertight conspiracy! 
               You may conspire to break it, boil it, or even hatch it! 
               That, you could be the unexpected victim of a rotten egg is altogether a different controversy!

"Beware of those in power who do nothing without money,
and those who do 'everything' with money!"
- Indira Gandhi

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  1. The unique thing is some can have the egg and hatch it too to a considerable conspiracy! That is the theory of corruption.