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Tuesday 15 November 2011

It Doesn't Happen Every Day

… usually not even once in a lifetime.  Yet, every one of us on this earth, at one time or another long to experience the strange phenomenon called 'miracle'.

The reason to harp on the topic is a news report that I came across recently about an incredible incident.  It set me thinking.   How does a miracle happen?  Why does it happen to only a select few?

I remembered the inspirational best-seller 'The Power of Positive Thinking' (1952) by Norman Vincent Peale who also wrote 'The Art of Living' (1937).  To many who read the book, 'Positive Thinking' became a synonym for the power of one's mind.
Look at the room you are in.  The windows are open and the room is bright with sunlight.  Now close the windows, and you will find darkness everywhere.  Your mind is like that room – an open and shut case, and very much a matter of your own choice!  If you have a mind, bright with hope and happiness, you could be in for a pleasant surprise.  But we generally ignore and sometimes even scoff at it as a far-fetched suggestion.  Bernard Berenson, the art historian once said, 'Miracles happen to only those who believe in them.'  Both Laura and Linzi believed, and the miracle did happen.
In January 2011, Laura Binder, 32, was diagnosed with Cancer of the breast.  Within weeks, the Cancer had spread to the liver.  Laura said, ‘I was heartbroken.  I had a Mastectomy operation, but it had spread to my liver already.   The doctors told that it couldn’t be treated and that they would give me some Chemotherapy, which could hopefully buy me some more time.'

But Laura's nine-year-old daughter Linzi refused to give up.  Every day for the next seven months while Laura was undergoing Chemotherapy, Linzi would send her small notes telling how much she loved her and wanted her back healthy and alive.

Laura said, ‘I would look forward to getting her letters each day.  It brightened everything up for me.  To read them was inspiring.  I was exhausted from the chemotherapy, but her letters gave me the strength to fight on.’

In September. Laura underwent tests again.  The results were astounding.   There was no trace of the tumour that was spreading for the last seven months.  Her doctors were mystified and said: ‘Positive thinking provides an incentive to get better.  It’s amazing how things like this can happen.  There is no explanation for it.’

Laura added: 'I was scared that I was going to die and leave my daughters without a mother.  But Linzi refused to give up on me.   She was determined I was going to get better.  And her wonderful letters helped a miracle happen.’
That is the Power of Positive Thinking. It does wonders. It helps even miracles happen! Hence, no matter what, just don't give up. 
"Reality is the mirror of your thoughts. 
Choose well what you put in front of the mirror."
- Remez Sasson


  1. I've read, when the thoughts are deep enough, the subconscious receives it and then finds a way to make it true.
    There is always something beyond our our capacity and even imagination that makes miracles happen. and the lady in this post is an example.

  2. True Leo.
    The real yearning for a miracle happens when one is truly in the dumps. In that helpless situation, we desperately stretch out to the powers beyond our reach and reasoning. Rare it may be, but the intensity of our thoughts, as you said, could work out miracles on the body.
    Immense thanks to you for your response.

  3. Rajuda,

    Another well written article, as usual!

    Human mind is the most powerful possession and it certainly can do 'miracles' if it wants to. But, the question is the 'want'!
    In your reference tale Linzi's 'want' made that 'miracle' happen and cured her mother completely.


  4. I love to hear stories of miraculous inspiration. I think everyone who commented before me made amazing points. Miracles come from desire, trust, hope and belief. How wonderful.

    We'd love to have you share miraculous stories on our site, The Miracle Diaries -

  5. True, Miracle Diaries.

    Miracles indeed come from desire, trust, hope and belief. Deeper, the better. And the trick lies in creating such a mental environment.


  6. Miracles happen to those who believe in them!