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Saturday 24 December 2011

Head Over Heels...!

You look after your hair, face, skin, hands..., but not your feet. Doesn't it sound strange? Maybe you think, beauty is in the face, and your feet in no way contribute to it. You are wrong.

Heels talk a lot about your sense of beauty, hygiene, health, and self confidence. For example, who does not dream of wearing sexy high heels, stilettos and designer sandals? But if you have cracked heels, you would not dare do it, because you know how embarrassing that could be!

Cracked heels are both painful and unattractive. With a bit of care and attention, you can make them healthy and beautiful. Remember, cracking of heels does not happen overnight. It takes time and neglect to get it.  Like any ailment, signs and symptoms precede in the case of cracked heels too.
Common Causes
  • Neglecting the thickening of skin around the heels
  • Extra pressure on the heels because of being overweight 
  • Standing too long on cold and hard floor 
  • Ill-fitting footwear that lets the fat-pad around the heels to expand
  • Diseases like Athlete’s foot, Psoriasis, Eczema, Diabetes etc.
  • Lack of hygiene, vitamins etc.
The slower you notice the symptoms, harder it will be to prevent the problem.

5 Ways To Take Care

  • Clean your feet, soak in warm soapy water, and pat your heels dry every night.
  • Rub in a mix of one teaspoon of Vaseline and the juice of one lemon.
  • Apply a paste of ground coconut and ripe banana. Leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Massage Petroleum jelly on the heels.  Go to bed wearing a clean cotton socks.
  • A mixture of glycerine and rosewater can also do wonders.
Be Food-wise
Cracked heels are often caused by a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Hence, consume a diet rich in Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Omega-3 Fats:

  • Vitamins: Carrot, Sweet potato, Spinach, Pumpkin, Cereals, Nuts
  • Calcium: Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt, Broccoli
  • Iron: Meat, Chicken, Fish, Eggs, Beans
  • Zinc: Oysters, Chicken, Crab, Kidney beans, Yoghurt
  • Omega-3: Fish, Flax seed, Walnut
Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Your skin will turn soft, supple and healthy.

Easy Tips

  • Keep your feet clean
  • Avoid walking bare foot
  • Wear soft, right sized footwear
  • Wear clean and dry socks
  • Walk barefoot on grass every day
How true was the German poet Bertolt Brecht, when he said:
. "Everyone chases happiness  
not knowing that happiness is right at their heels."

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  1. Comfortable shoes produce comfortable people!!!