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When I get time, I listen to music, or read books. If any is left, I blog!


A contest is always welcome. It excites both, the one who holds it as well as those who participate. 
Behind such contests, the aim is to gain visibility. Easier said than done! Nielsen McKinsey tracked over 180 million blogs recently! Other estimates put the audience at around 80 million!  It is this target that a blogger is chasing! 
As one among them, I know that your views, reviews and recommendations will add value to my blog.  It is also a great source of inspiration.  And to express my thanks, there will always be useful 'giveaways'. 
(Available to participants from India only)

If you love reading, here is an opportunity to enhance the joy of that reading. 

Three bestseller novels by Stieg Larsson are up for grabs. 

This 'Millennium Trilogy' has gone on to sell 75 million copies worldwide, and appear in top seller charts.

Contest Rules
* An easy contest
* Three sections; Three simple rules
* Three bestseller novels to be won
* The contest is on from 1 November to 31 January 2013.

Read on....
  1. Visit TEEGA daily
    What counts is the number of days that you visit. Hence, make it a point to drop in every day during the contest period.

  2. Post your feedback
    This is the only way to record your visit. So after every visit, post your comments. Open-ended comments like 'Good Post', 'Great', 'Agree with your views' etc. will not qualify. Your comments must have clear relevance to what you have read.

  3. Suggest improvements
    As a serious blog reader, what were your expectations when you came to TEEGA? What did you like most? How do you think I can improve it further? 

    Who will Win?
    There could be one winner who tops in all the three sections, or there could be a winner in each of the three sections. The 'giveaways' would be distributed accordingly.
Happy reading; And Happy hunting


  1. rema.singh12:18 pm

    I have submitted 3 comments. I will be back again to add more. Thanks Mr. Rajuda.

  2. I so want that book.

  3. Would so love to win this book! :-)

  4. rema.singh10:29 am

    I have submitted 3 more comments. So now there are total 6 comments from me. Please note. I will come back to post more.

    1. rema.singh10:34 am

      Yes, your visits and comments are on record. Keep going. Cheers, Rema.

  5. rema.singh3:43 pm

    I have a total of 12 comments now. May I trust these have been duly recorded? Thanks

    1. Yes, Rema Singh. I have recorded your 12 comments. As of now you are leading the race! Thanks for participating in this context and making it lively.