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Wednesday, 8 March 2006

The Surprise Visitor

I finished installing a site meter in my blog, and went over to check the statistics.

The meter had recorded just one visitor, Gates Not thinking too much about it, I hopped back to the meter to make some changes in its configuration, and returned quickly to take a second look at the statistics. Lo! Gates Foundation had dropped by again!

What I felt initially was euphoria. I am a guy, leading an almost invisible and unobtrusive life. My immediate neighbors would not know if I am dead or alive. My circle of friends (an inch and a half in diameter!) with an exception of one or two generally takes it for granted that whatever happens to me is for the good. I have an absolutely transparent family that I myself am unable to detect. On my morning walk, not even a street dog bothers to bark at me (A bite or two would have at least convinced me, Hey, you seem to be alive and kicking!)

So, to someone who is in a state of perpetual implosion, can you imagine what these visits from a meritorious entity mean?

The Gates Foundation has a mission to bring 'innovation in health and learning to the global industry'. Supporting this noble initiative are its universally pervasive reach and penetrative vision. Tell me, am I not fortunate? Infinitesimally inconsequential I may be, but the world's mighty come calling and consoling 'don't you worry, bloke. We are here to watch you'.

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