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Friday, 17 December 2010

Reacting to Touch!

              Imagine strange hands on your body, violating your privacy and dignity. Naturally, you will scream, 'Take your filthy paws off me!'
              In a procedure called 'Pat-down', introduced after the attempted 'crotch-bombing' of a Delta flight by a Nigerian terrorist, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the USA has been working overtime with its hands, groping airline passengers for imaginary bombs, grenades, pistols and knives! The 'Pat-downs' are mandatory for those who opt out of full body X-ray scans suspected of being carcinogenic, and those who fail the body scans, because of an innocuous metallic buckle in the belt or a fastener in their attire. Some say, the TSA agents deliberately make the 'Pat-downs' unpleasant, so that the passengers prefer full body scans, the next time they fly.
              Our former Defence Minister (2002), former President (2009), and more recently the Ambassador to the United States and the Envoy to the UN have had to suffer the indignity of provocative frisking.
              I wonder, what the Americans were trying to find? Something that Obama, Hilary or Michelle did not possess?

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