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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Birth of A Politician

            “I wish to state categorically that I have nothing to hide from the public at large, and as proof of my bona fides, I intend to write to the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee that I shall be happy to appear before the PAC, if it chooses to ask me to do so”,  Dr. Manmohan Singh declared at the plenary session of the Congress party. And the media went berserk! 
             Dr. Manmohan Singh did not state anything conclusively. He said, 'I intend to write...', and that he shall be happy to appear before the PAC 'if it chooses to ask me to do so'. So, if anything has to happen, Dr. Manmohan Singh must first put his 'intention to write' in black and white. The PAC, if and when they receive that letter must 'choose to ask' him to appear before it. But, as per constitutional provisions, PAC cannot summon the Prime Minister, although some experts suggest that it could 'invite' the Prime Minister for 'consultations', while some others feel that in any event, prior sanction of the Lok Sabha Speaker would be required!
            Who says, Dr. Manmohan Singh is a political novice?

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  1. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Absolutely true. His offer means nothing. Otherwise why beat around the bush? Why not agree to a JPC, and use it courageously to establish his honesty beyond a shadow of doubt?