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Monday 21 April 2014

The Silence Of The Lambs

A smile and hug to my 100,000th guest! And thanks to an earlier visitor for nudging me to post this update.

For two months I hadn't been blogging, because I found nothing compelling to write about! Exceptions if any, were knowingly left untouched. There was a reason.

You all have heard of 'road rage', right? A few might have even had a taste of it. Sadly, however careful, composed and compassionate you are at the wheels, there are occasions when you are challenged, provoked and abused by another driver. Grin, bear, ignore..., but what would you do if he gets out of his vehicle and lunges out in rage?

This trend is spreading, on the roads as well as in other spheres of our lives, fuelled by deficits of courtesy, tolerance and graciousness! In the media including weblogs too, if a piece of writing contradicts one's wily intent or design, the author can be a target.

On several occasions in the last few weeks, fed up with the grotesquely comic performances and wicked presentations of some of our politicians, I wanted to pen my thoughts. The abysmal levels to which some of them could stoop, and the sheer purposelessness of inviting them to do so, forced me to stay put.

Perfect is the freedom of expression, so long as we agree not to disagree! The price for safe voyage in a democracy!

   'Freedom of speech gives you the right to stay silent.'
Neil Gaiman

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