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Friday 8 October 2021

Wafer-Thin Snacks

Do you snack?  Well, who doesn't?  But how many of us know, the word 'snack' that paraphrases our most engaging pastime viz. 'eating between regular meals' had sneaked into English from Dutch in the 17th century? 

Snacking, many say even as they nibble a biscuit or lick a lollipop, is addictive and unhealthy.  I am not a hypocrite; so nothing stops me from reaching out to these goodies.  And pampering people like me, is a greedy industry which keeps serving cocktails of tactics and tricks, vying to outperform market growth. 

All branded snacks, sport dazzling packages with catchy punchlines and irresistible offers, but non-standard weights and prices.  Years back, such products used to be sold in packs weighing 100, 250, 500 and 1000 grams.  Sans such restrictions, it is now easy to confuse and coax the buyers to buy more than what they really need, while paying more for less.  This clever strategy lines up countless brand extensions, multi-pack offers, spot discounts and schemes like BOGO (Buy One Get One)!

Look at Potato wafers for example.  They come in a wide variety of flavours like Lightly Salted, Simply Salted, Classic Salted, Tomato Twist, Tomato Madness, Spanish Tomato Tango, Spicy treat etc.  Their weight-to-price mix challenges every conceivable and inconceivable combinations such as 27g (₹10); 35g (₹38); 45g (₹10); 78g (₹27); 115g (₹38) and so on.  So precise is the strategy that Pop corns are sold in packets of 99g, and Kukure in 21.5g!

If you are price-sensitive, the task of picking up a suitable product strains your basic arithmetic skill.  Naturally, in such circumstances, I am reminded of the saying:-

"A fool and his money are soon to be parted.
And, it is  just the beginning!"


  1. Nice one! Enjoyed very much!

    1. Thanks Joe. Hope to see you again.

  2. One word for these types of businesses is ROBBERY. None in this universe can stop this. This is the truth .

    1. Agree with you. Nothing could be truer.

  3. No comments because like you I also love to snack. So irrespective of the price we buy the snacks that we like.

    1. Yes. And those who offer them, know that well.
      Thanks Asha

  4. A well researched or a well snacked article on snacking!
    But the snakes who sell snacks are more dangerous than the snacks and their BOGO taglines become 'No-Go' for the fools like us.
    The irony is that we all know it's bad but still keep gulping this venom of these snakes.... sorry... snacks.. Ha...ha..

    1. Facetious as usual!
      Hope, the snakes you introduced do not frighten my 'over the counter' passion for snacks!
      Thanks Partha Deb.

  5. Correct observation, dear Rajan..

    The greedy guys as you mentioned, research and find various strategies to lure the buyers . Bundle pricing is one they use to sell more items at higher margins while providing a discount to the customers simultaneously.
    Another method is price skimming by setting high prices when a new product is introduced and then gradually lowering the price as competition strengthens.
    To be frank, I too like to snack and enjoy it.
    Continue writing.. Waiting for the next one.
    Thank you.

    1. Apt obsevations.
      The silver lining in this dark atmosphere is 'YouTube' with numerous recipes, easy and simple to make at home, and which to a large extent substitute the need to buy snacks.
      Thanks a lot. Please drop in again.