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Thursday 7 October 2010

Story of Deficits

          ‘Kashmir is on the edge’ – that was how most of the media chose to describe the situation there.
            No one knows the number of times Kashmir occupied that ‘unenviable’ position since 1948; or the precious lives we have sacrificed; or the whopping resources we have expended and committed; or the mental turmoil of the numerous Pandits driven out of their homeland, properties and livelihood.  For over 60 years, India has been bleeding.  Nowhere in the world, would any nation have sacrificed this much to bring about normalcy in a part of its own territory.
            This Government as well as its predecessors have excelled each other in offering wasted dialogues, pampering economic packages, and inane confidence boosters.
            The problem has always been that of a ‘deficit’ – deficit of imagination, conviction, determination! 
            When are we going to wake up?


  1. We are never going to wake up. Because Kashmir cause is like oxygen for us, pakistan,USA and for China. If it is solved, then all of us will miss a chance to pull the legs of each other. We always need an issue to raise alarm to fool our own people. Let us hope one day one able leader will lead us to solve this problem with a straight back bone.

  2. Kashmir is heaven, right? That's why nobody is ready to give it up!!!