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Monday 15 November 2010

Forgive Them...

There are still many Whites who imagine that the colour of their skin lends them the licence to be snobs.  Falling in this category are two TV anchors from New Zealand who recently demonstrated to the world how uncouth and perverted they are!    
One of them ridiculed Sir Anand Satyanand, Governor General of New Zealand for being obese and for his Indian descent: "... we don't expect Indians to be begging on the streets of New Delhi, but it's like Anand discovered the buffet table at 20 and never really left it".
Another anchor, midway through a token suspension for his racist comments on the Auckland born and bred Sir Anand, chose to mispronounce Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's name.  When corrected, he quipped: “’Dick Shit’ is more ‘appropriate’ because she is an Indian”.
But be nice to them, folks!  As Desmond Tutu, Noble Laureate and famed anti-apartheid campaigner said: ‘They need you to rediscover their humanity’.


  1. I dont know how I will react to some one who insult me. But I feel we should let it go.
    It is said that "hate breeds hate". So lets forget about such things and live your own life.

  2. Exactly. But over tolerance and over humbleness is in our blood, which we got it as hereditary. Even let burn our house, all is well for us :D

  3. the only reason i can think of such remark is "INSECURITY" from indians...when i visited US, a homeless beggar asked me for a dollar and when i didn't heed to him, he shouted slumdog...can you imagine a homeless calling me names...but i didn't mind that...its really their insecurity that despite being the "WHITE" race they are left behind...their jobs and careers are in let them do it whichever way they want...

  4. Its their ignorance which just shows when they speak!