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Monday 15 November 2010

Over to Anil Ambani

27 floors, 400,000 square feet, a salon, ballroom, health club, swimming pools, mini-theatre, guest rooms, an elevated four-storey garden, six levels of parking space, nine elevators, three helipads...! 
After seven long years of construction, the building to which Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India and the fourth-richest in the world would move in with his wife and three children is finally ready.  Built reportedly at a cost of `4500 crores, it is said to be the most luxurious residence of an individual anywhere in the world. 
From ‘up above the world so high’, I wonder what a view the sprawling slums of Mumbai be offering?


  1. Anonymous1:21 pm

    when my friend told me about this building some time before I was like "why do you need such a big house to live"?
    Is this really necessary? He was so excited and told me that if he had such a big house he will never be unhappy.poor guy!! Why do we think that a big house or lots of money is "the thing" in life..

  2. The helipads are now given off!! No clearence from Environment mininstry!! Its being changed to an open terrace garden instead!!

  3. He he he those twinkle stars (slums) will always wonder " what they are "...vice-versa too :) Hence..let all indian become like Ambanis...let all in prosper together...Jai Hind

  4. Makes you wonder, does it not?

    I suppose the concept of ' HOME' differs from person to person!

  5. and it looks like a pile of rubbish from the outside!

  6. I dont know why many of us cant digest what the rich do with their money(not the author of this post but a general perspective)....we end up saying stuff like....cant he do something for poors people with that....but think about it like this, how genuinely do you know the guy and how much he has done or not done for others....if he owns a nation of wealth, he is also providing jobs for millions, if he is rich, he gives big taxes for the country....if he is rich its becoz of his own hard earned money, why cant he flaunt his achievement however he wants to? Do you think if you had a million dollars for income every month you would take only wat you need for necessities and give away the rest as alms? no way! nobpdy wold do tat, then y do u expect someone else to do so?
    whoa...thats one huge comment...hehehe...

  7. so very true...i don't understand the reason...expensive living does not really guarantee a happy living too...but its their perception...we can just look at it...and be in its "awe" for its grandness...

  8. Lets see what the other brother builds now!