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Friday 18 March 2011

Political Doodling

            'What the hell is going on in this country?' the Supreme Court asked, while hearing a PIL against Hasan Ali Khan for alleged money laundering – precisely the question everyone of us is asking, as scam after scam surfaces, and investigations expose a widening web of immorality in the system.
            The apex court had a series of uncomfortable questions for the government. What prevented it from taking Hasan Ali in for custodial interrogation despite having sufficient material on his illegal activities? Why is he being charged with tax evasion only, and not anti-terror laws for his alleged links with arm dealers? Why were the three Enforcement Directorate officials transferred midway through the investigation?
            The court expressed its dismay thus: 'There are instances when minor offenders are shot down for violating Section 144 CrPC, but you don’t take any action against these people'.
Earlier, the Supreme Court, unhappy with government's handling of the 2G Spectrum Scam had decided to monitor the investigations. In yet another major snub to the government, the court also quashed the dubious appointment of the CVC.
            Aren't these stinging strictures sending out a clear message? But hear what the Prime Minister has to say:
            “While the power of judicial review must be used to enforce accountability, it must never be used to erode the legitimate role assigned to the other branches of the government. This is vitally necessary to preserve the integrity and sanctity of the constitutional scheme premised on the diffusion of sovereign power,”
            Time to stop talking, Mr. Prime Minister. Act. Stem the rot that is spreading.


  1. Seems a bit like the politics that happen here in the States (USA). This blog seems like a good way to connect on a world basis for seeing our similarities and differences. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Kshawnedgar. Your words are encouraging. On the similarities between India and The USA, I wish the public at large were more proactive.

  3. Anonymous12:36 pm

    It may sound negative but, do you believe that any of these scamsters or gansters or the bright 'STARS' of political arena would ever be convicted and punished?
    Do you remember 'BOFORS' or 'BIG BULL SCAM' 'FUGITIVE GANGSTERS' etc.etc.etc.....No, because no more newsprints are being wasted on them and we love to forget history!
    It would be impish on our part to believe that any action would be taken on cwg scam, 2g spectrum scam,cvc appointment ,hasan ali etc.etc.etc....
    Because, cwg scam has been ignored by the pmo, 2g spectrum was unknown by the pmo, pmo was unaware of famous credentials of thomas and hasan ali has laundered booties of clonies of pmo!
    'GREED' is the key!!!!!!

  4. Dear Mr Anonymous,

    Glad you took the time to read my post and respond to it. An intensely spirited response indeed! Let me ask you:

    History maybe a trash-bag of random coincidences. Do we lie down on its tracks to be run over by the same train again and again?

  5. Anonymous12:35 pm

    After vikramaditya we do seem have been mauled by several trains while we have been lying unmoved on the tracks; be it SHAKAS, HUNAS, AFGHANS, MUGHALS, PORTUGESE, FRENCH & BRITISH!
    We proudly chant "VASUDHAIVYA KUTUMBAKAM"! We have been historically believing in espacapism by using such silly excuses, we always prefer to escape the difficult situations. Thus, you have come to the situation of being controlled by bunch of inept, impotent cheats.
    Sorry to have picked up the trash-bag called history as these random coincidences can only be taken as lessons and reference points.