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Friday 11 March 2011

Shreya Ghoshal

The 'World Language Research Foundation' says, Malayalam is the most difficult language of all to learn, and in particular the hardest to pronounce.  Thanks to its disparate consonants!   Contributing to this complexity by merrily putting on strange and incomprehensible accents are the modern day anchors on Malayalam TV channels.

Into this 'phonetic jungle', lilts in a cool breeze from Bengal: Shreya Ghoshal.  Listen to the few songs she has rendered.  Catch the way she pronounces each word.  Take in those inflections and intonations, and how well she enlivens the feelings and emotions in the lyric.  Had you been unaware of her origin, you would have accepted her as a Malayalee singer. 
May our home bred performers learn from Shreya that perfection demands a positive mental attitude, not misplaced style.


  1. I am a malayalee. Truly, I was stunned on hearing Shreya singing malayalam song in such a natural way. Hats off to her!

  2. Thanga Magan5:11 pm

    Still I am unable to believe that Shreya is not a Malayalee. Her pronunciation of lyrics in Kilikal Paadum, Aarezhuthi Aavo, etc., is quite vivid and clear. If you ask a "muthashi" to listen to her songs and tell her that the singer is not Malayalee, she will never believe you. Bengaliyo, podaa cherukka would be the muthashi's reaction.

  3. rema.singh9:13 am

    This type of talent is rare. However, somewhere I have read that Shreya had a few childhood friends from Kerala and Tamil Nadu from whom she picked up a smattering of these languages. This does not take away from her the amazing ability to sound natural when she sings in Malayalam and Tamil.

  4. Indeed. Speaking any language which is not your mother tongue requires practice!!

  5. amazing shre, i wondered , n couldnt believe , dont kno how she pronounce