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Monday 14 March 2011

Sreesanth Sidelined?

            Bouncers, barbs and gestures are fast bowlers' weapons. They use it to rattle up and unsettle the opponents. Such intimidatory tactics have long been a part of the 'gentleman's game'. Sreesanth is no different. His on-field histrionics have earned him more critics than admirers. Captain M S Dhoni has been an open critic, publicly 'pre-judging' him as 'uncontrollable'.
            To criticise a player in the dressing room is one thing, but to do it publicly is disheartening. Sreesanth was not an automatic choice for the World Cup. Hence, when Sreesanth was picked up by the selectors to replace the injured Praveen Kumar, he had a point to prove. In the process, he conceded 53 runs in five overs, and was sidelined for the rest of the match; perhaps for the rest of the series as well.
            Dhoni would never have thought what Viswanathan Anand felt about Sreesanth: "If you like kicking a rope, then go for it. If it works for you, no one can argue".

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