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When I get time, I listen to music, or read books. If any is left, I blog!

Thursday 31 October 2013

Anniversary Contest

TEEGA is 11 years old.

A happy moment!  Could I be happier? Yes, I would have gone 'posts' ahead, had I been a bit more consistent.

For long, a website to showcase my interest in reading and writing was a dream. When it happened, I had to name the domain after someone who used to share my dreams. A few years of hesitation..., and eventually I became a blogger.

The frequency of my updates may be low. That is because I am neither a prolific nor a spontaneous writer. My eagerness to be accurate, brief and clear is another factor that slows me down. In spite of this, some of my posts have been well received, and generously appreciated  by you.

The Anniversary Contest, a gesture of gratitude, gives you an opportunity to win three bestseller books. Click here to go on to the Contest page.

I hope you will like my efforts, and continue to inspire and support me.

Thank you


  1. Kudos!
    Thanks for inspiring many to write and we admire your style of simple & straight but necessarily poignant writing.
    May you write through many more anniversaries.


  2. Happy Birthday....TEEGA