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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Tatas - A Nation Builder

'Living beyond one's means' is the fad of the day, adding a hideous dimension to the commodity 'money'.  The urge to amass it, as much as one can and as quickly as possible seems to be the only mission in life. And the logic seems to be, 'so long as the ends justify, why bother about the means?'
This is reflected in a survey on global corruption, where India ranks 84 in a list of 180 countries. Bribery in politics and business, and its disastrous impact on public trust and economic growth are the main basis for these findings.
Ironically, another survey, ranked the Tata Group as the most reputable business concern in the world.  After 140 years of existence, five generations of management, and two known instances of political sabotoge of its dream projects, the Tatas continues to be India's 'corporate flagship'.
There is much to learn and emulate from this inspiring saga.  As scams and scandals rock this nation,  Tatas lends a significant contribution to the  business of nation building. 
December 2009

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