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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Tharoor Hits A Bad Patch

I hold no brief for Shashi Tharoor.  Yet, to those who say his days are over, let me tell, “No.  Before you finish saying ‘Lalit Modi’, he will be back”!

To make that prediction, I need not be a political pundit or an astrologer.  Shashi lost his place in the ministry for no real reason.  He did not try to ‘bribe’ an entry into IPL either for himself or his friend.  As a first time junior minister, neither did he have the clout to demand an extra favour.

Days after he bowed out, two more senior politicians made their appearance in the IPL mega serial.  But the so-called ‘political compulsions of the coalition mechanism’ restricted them to mere ‘guest roles’! Thanks to this hypocritical privilege!  While it kept in chair the ‘king’ of all scandals, it wasn't applicable’ in the case of Shashi!

From day one, Shashi was seen as a strange creature in the Indian political jungle.  He looked different; talked different, and kept company with stranger creatures!  No politician, either at the state or national level seemed comfortable having him around.  I only have two questions for the Shashi baiters:

At a time when India is struggling to manage its growing global presence, should we waste a storehouse of talents in international politics and diplomacy?

And where is the state of Kerala, crying of perpetual neglect since 1956, going to find a representative of Shashi’s stature and calibre to articulate its requirements in New Delhi?  
- June 2010


  1. Anonymous6:02 am

    agree with you 100 percent -- most of my friends feel the same way. Young India supports Shashi Tharoor!

  2. Anonymous8:57 am

    Shashi Tharoor is too precious a national asset to be wasted. Appreciate your well-balanced and well written piece. Keep going.