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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Homecoming Chicken!

The chickens have come home to roost! Pakistan has become a terrorists’ playground cheered by a crippling economy and a defunct government, with an angry and confused population looking on.
Until recently, the Swat valley with its fertile orchards, alpine ridges and silent streams was a popular weekend getaway. The valley has been 'talibanised' now.
The Taliban have introduced the harshest laws of Islamic justice, including public floggings and execution.  They have wrested control of the local government.  They have seized Swat’s emerald mines worth millions of dollars a year in gemstones.  At barbershops, notices warning men not to shave their beards can be seen.  Women cannot step out their homes unless accompanied by their husbands or male blood-relatives’.  Girls are ordered to cover themselves from head to toe.  ‘Suicide schools’ are busy moulding a generation of radicals.
As the ‘terrorist bomb’ begins to tick; the world is searching for a solution.  Is there a way to stop Pakistan from breaking up? Can its fallout be contained?
May 2009

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