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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Terror from Across!

The bestseller, 'Is New York Burning?' tells the story of terrorists threatening to explode an atomic bomb smuggled in to the US from Pakistan.  As tensions mount, the US President receives a word of advice from the Israeli Prime Minister, "Tell them publicly that if that bomb explodes, Pakistan's Northwest Frontier areas where these acts are coming from will disappear from the face of the earth ... And if you don't have the guts, I will do it for you".
An imaginary situation; but a typically realistic response!  That is Israel - the touchstone of pre-emptive decimation of enemies, and an inspiring symbol of fortitude. 
Look at India.  We fought 4 wars over issues that still remain unresolved.  Our neighbours with the exception of one or two are hostile or unfriendly.  The long coastline and land borders are susceptible to infiltration and inflow of explosives.
26/11 was a rude reminder of these vulnerabilities.  Two months have passed. And we are still talking!
What are we hoping to achieve?  That the world at large will do us a favour by closing down the terrorist camps in Pakistan?  That they will round up our 'most wanted criminals' hiding there and hand them over to us?
Are we trying to secure the future of this nation? Or are we prolonging the sixty two years of agony?
- February 2009

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  1. Simon T9:24 am

    Absolutely correct.
    By prolonging a decisive action, are we buying time or are we hoping that problems will disappear with time?
    Very well written