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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Man Plays God

Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the US, and Henry Kissinger, his National Security Advisor and Secretary of State are two Americans we remember for the wrong reasons.  At the height of India's war with Pakistan in 1971, the duo ordered the Seventh Fleet into the Bay of Bengal in a crass attempt at threatening India.  The mighty armada entered the bay on December 13th.  But it stayed 'an­chored' for the next three days, meekly watching the ongo­ing war reach its logical conclusion where over 90,000 Pakistani soldiers laid down arms before the Indian Army.
Kissinger was busy dreaming up a 'new world order' at that time, aimed at expanding American hege­mony in the world.  He would assert, "Control the oil and we'll control the countries.  Control food and we'll control their population".  Obsessed with this theory, the US turned to the Gulf, putting its foot in Kuwait, and later in Iraq. Had it not been for Iran, former ally turned foe, the US would have been controlling 75% of the 'black gold' by now.
The Kissinger juggernaut never lost its momen­tum.  His 'Food for Peace' programme conceived to appropriate the global food chain, re-emerged in the form of 'Genetic Engineering'.  It is said to have created over 40 crop plants from Tomato to Potato with designer traits that no one knows how the human body would take.
Alarmingly, India is about to throw open its doors to this questionable technology.  Dr Erwin Chargaff, regarded as the father of Molecular Biology says, "I have the awful feeling that sci­ence has transgressed a barrier that should have remained inviolate.  The genetic engineering experi­ments are irreversible. You cannot recall a new form of life.  It will survive you, your children, and your children's children."

November 2009

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