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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Happy New Year

2008 is history.  But history reminds us of its harsh realities, instils confidence and strength in us, and prepares us for a new beginning.
And as we gird to meet the challenges ahead in the aftermath of 26/ 11, we have only one thought, one wish, one resolution…
- that we will not be terrorised, intimidated or divided by people who do not like what we stand for
- that we will show our spirit and dignity, resolve and grit that we are determined to defend our values and way of life
- that no one will ever succeed in destroying what we hold dear to our hearts:  Freedom, Peace, and Happiness.
- that we will continue to fight disease, poverty and terrorism
We dedicate with reverence and gratitude this New Year to the memories of those gallant men who sacrificed their precious lives, so that we are safe, and are here to greet each other a Happy New Year.
January 2009

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