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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Corruption Games

Mani Shankar Iyer has a presence no one can ignore or wish away.  And he compliments it more than adequately with his classic diatribes. 
Just days before the curtains went up on yet another scam involving the Commonwealth Games Mani said, “I will be very unhappy, if the games are successful because then they will start bringing Asian Games, Olympic Games and so on”.  Mani added, “Just imagine if we would have spent the `35,000 crore in providing training to the children, we would have won medals in every international sporting event”.
How true!  Acerbic and abrasive he might sound, but look at the reports of corruption unfolding.  At the rate at which newer and fresher scams surface, I fear the common man will soon become insensitive to this, accepting corruption as a way of life! 
Don’t we need a few more Mani Shankar Iyers to shock us out of this slumber?
 - August 2010

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  1. Ravindra3:54 pm

    CWG is turning out to be one of the biggest national shames. What makes it so even more shameful are the insensitive and irresponsible comments coming from people like Jayapal Reddy, Shiela Dixit, and that Bhanot guy (whoever he maybe!) The least these people can do is to keep their mouths shut and do whatever they are supposed to do.