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Tuesday 21 September 2010

A Pair of Nightmare

History has its share of nightmares.  When a case of Swine Flu was reported over a month ago in Mexico, the incident seemed too distant and diminutive to bother.  But, when the virus landed in India, it was time to sit up and take note.  The fourth pandemic of the century is regarded as deadlier than its Spanish ancestor who claimed forty million lives, 90 years ago.
What is in the offing is a series of eclipses - a rare celestial spectacle! Six of them - each one a triple 'sundae', are lined up for the next ten years.  The Solar eclipse on 22nd July will be the longest in 2000 years.  Its appearances in the last few millenniums, witnessed the great Kurukshetra war, submergence of Dwaraka, the World Wars, and the atomic bombing of Japan.
Two ominous events ... hopefully unrelated and holding no more nightmares, let us pray!
July 2009

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