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Tuesday 21 September 2010

The Slender Thread

I heard this anecdote from a doctor friend in the US. It was about a senior colleague, who had performed over 4000 heart surgeries at a phenomenal success rate of 98 %. Highly respected and sought after, he was a known atheist! 

One day my friend asked him: "Agreed, you don't believe in God. But I'm sure you've seen that beautiful statue of Mother Mary just outside the main OT”. He nodded. 

My friend continued: "On two occasions, when accompanying you to the OT, I noticed a strange thing. Was it accidental?"

"What?" the senior doctor asked. 

With a smile, my friend told: "Well… You almost tripped when you reached the statue!"

The doctor thought for a while before replying: "You know the anxious moments in the OT. I am no different. As the surgery is over and the patient is brought off the bypass, I gaze at the heart, almost willing it to start. Until it settles down to a regular rhythm, I am desperate. I see all that I built up - my success, my reputation, respect - everything hanging precariously by a slender thread. And my mind involuntarily rushes to the spot, where you say I tripped".

Faith in God to some, is like that slender thread, unseen and unfelt; but rare moments in life help them discover it!
October 2009


  1. Is it slender thread or bundle of misguided & unrealistic beliefs, is it slender thread or a rope to hang the soft impractical emotions and fear of unknown, is it slender thought or a twine of fear psychosis to control the lesser mortals!


  2. rema.singh9:31 am

    Every one of us is like that. We go around mockingly calling belief in God as 'misguided, unrealistic', 'impractical', 'fear psychosis' etc. But when in real difficulty, we desperately run to temples and churches. Why can't we be honest?