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Tuesday 21 September 2010

The Phenomena

On Solar eclipse day, most of the temples remained closed to block the ingress of negative energy. An atheist would have loved to ask, 'If God were the creator and controller of all, why should he be protected from a temporary celestial phenomenon?"
Hindu scriptures have the answer.
A temple is essentially manmade.  The divine presence here is invoked by human beings through mantras and rituals, and it manifests around the idol as an aura.  This energy is analogous to the scent in flowers, butter in milk and fire in fuel.  So ethereal is it, that gravita­tional disturbances can have a debilitative effect.  That is why Aagama saastraas ordain closure, protection, and ablution of temples during occurrences like the eclipse, appearance of comets etc.
If planetary movements could impact such sacred symbols, imagine what it could to do to mortals like us.  Science may pooh-pooh this, even as it accepts the lunar angle on tidal formations and lunacy.  A free mind would however venture far beyond this infantile vision, in search of knowledge, peace and hope.

- August 2009

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