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Friday 24 September 2010

Beauty & the Brain

        The other day I was watching a beauty pageant on TV.
        It was ‘fun’ to take in those teasing attires, swaying hips, and dewy-eyed bellybuttons!  The question-answer session was even more hilarious!  Many of the contestants parodied mouthful of impressive sentences, little knowing its meaning or relevance.  Here are two examples from a pageant of the past that I remember:
       Judge: ‘Can you tell us what is your best feature?’
       Contestant:  ‘There is one that I have at home.  It’s of the majestic Rice Terraces. I believe that tourism can be uplifted by our nation by means of having a good feature.  I believe that tourism is the key to the future, second to the children of the world who are our future which is why we have to lead the way for them.  Thank you’!
       Here is another one:
       Judge: ‘What is your stand on pre-marital sex?’
       Contestant: ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, I am grateful to the honourable judge for asking me an intelligent question.  I do not stand, I kneel down and pray all the time. Thank you’!


  1. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Cant believe.. This is like the story of a 4 year old who studied about 'cow' for his esssay writing, but when asked to write about cycle, he wrote,"My father has a cycle. We tie our cow to this cycle.Our cow has 4 legs and gives us milk everyday......" :-)

  2. haha!! i totally agree..most of the contestants are pretty impressive until they open their mouth to speak :D

  3. Omg! did this seriously happen? amazingly dumb!

  4. Really? They said that at an international beauty pageant ? How intelligent of them! :P