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Tuesday 21 September 2010

Hang Down Your Heads

Even cold-blooded killings need to be categorised differently now-a-days.  Each category seeks to justify its actions and gain a legitimacy that simply does not exist.  As ‘Political Killings’ continue unabated, the latest to hit the front page is the ‘Honour Killing’. 
An ‘honour killing’ involves the murder of a member of a family or community, where the victim is perceived to have brought dishonour to the family or community.  This normally arises out of choosing to marry within the same gotra, engaging in adultery etc.  The murderers believe that the killing, which has the sanction of the community, is an honourable act!
Khap Panchayats were originally formed to settle disputes and promote brotherhood among the different communities.  However, over a period, they became a collection of self-appointed guardians of the ‘honour’ of their community.  They claim that marriages between persons belonging to the same gotra are incestuous and hence cannot be permitted.  At the same time, they adamantly oppose inter-caste marriages for fear of losing a rare booty - the caste divisions in the society!
As innocent lives continue to be sacrificed on the altar of ‘perverted’ honour, I wonder, ‘Is India really marching ahead to be numero uno in the world?’
 - June 2010

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